Use of Google Sheet in Data Visualization

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Data Visualization, An Important aspect for drawing conclusion, reaching out with facts to audiences, decision making and analysis.

Google Docs and Google Sheets are the best free alternative to Microsoft Office. This is because Google Sheet and Docs allows individuals to create presentations and spreadsheets for free and that too online. But there are still many people wondering to find out more power in Google sheets in their business tasks for visualization and reporting.

Google sheets offer free services for collaborating capabilities that are why more marketers moving on to Google sheets for reporting. ‘Google sheets’ consists a lot of features like various types of graphs and charts for reporting. There are so many tricks to use all of these hidden features that can make the reporting process easier.

There are various ways in google spreadsheets through which reports can be made. Here are some extraordinary features and visuals techniques that can help you make a better report.

  • Adding Images to cells easily:

There is a brilliant option in Google sheet that it offers you to add in any cell of the spreadsheet. Suppose you have to add some Logo, Banner, Screenshot or any other kind of image in the spreadsheet, then you can easily do it online on the Google Sheets.

google-sheet-visualisation-1All you have to do is go to the top of the navigation and click on the insert button, which will help you to get the image option. After selecting ‘image’ option, upload it via your computer. You can also enter an image directly via URL just by typing ‘=Image (URL) ‘and through this your picture will be uploaded to that cell automatically.

  • Emails and URLs Validation:

Many times while making reports you find out that a lot of URLs and emails (out of thousands) are not valid. Checking manually all of them is not possible, but Google Sheet allows you to check them through the spreadsheets.

google-sheet-visualisation-2For checking any of the Email just select a cell and Type ‘=ISURL’ and then put your URL in google and hit the enter button. Through this analysis, you would be able to find whether the Email is valid or not with the help of TRUE or FALSE message that would be displayed.

Creating Heat maps:

“Heat maps” is the feature that helps in identifying data and trends. Google sheets help to make this an easier task. Heat maps actually show high-value contents in different colors and low-value contents in other colors. And the values which fall in the middle of them, appear in the combination of both colors. The heat maps show the status, just by colors.

google-sheet-visualisation-3To generate a heat map in your spreadsheet you have to select data and move to FORMAT tab and then select ‘conditional formatting’.  After that, you have to select colors from the default color section and done! You would now be able to see your generated heat map.

  • Dashboard Reports:

Data visualization is the best thing that Google Sheets provide. In any business, every report nowadays requires visual effects such as Graphs and charts. You can make revenue reports or comparison reports with the help of graphics and charts.

google-sheet-visualisation-4You can use tabular as well as circular charts and different types of other modules from the options in google spreadsheets. A dashboard view of the reports can be a perfect and beautiful option with data visualization.

  • Gantt Charts and Feedback Form:

The Gantt chart is a good technique to verify which tasks are overlapping through your reports. Gantt chart reports can be customized with colors and visuals with some texts in it. Google Sheets provide an option to generate Gantt charts and that can be easily changed in ‘status charts’ by just inserting texts inside the charts.

google-sheet-visualisation-5“Google sheets” is widely used for making feedback forms. Designing a feedback form is generally a tough task and should be curated brilliantly. A feedback form is used by the customers of any site when they achieve any goods or services. You can easily create and design a feedback form with Google spreadsheets and can prevent bad comments on your websites.

  • Adding International Currencies:

While making reports for any business organization, you would definitely need international currency to use in it. This feature you can get from the Google Sheets. Google sheets have a vast range of international currencies.

google-sheet-visualisation-6To apply currency in your reports you have to navigate to top NAV options and click on ‘123’.  When it opens, head down to ‘more formats’ and select ‘More Currencies’ from there. From the vast list, select your desired currency and tick on the blue button to select it. Now move on to apply button and you have successfully inserted currency icons in the spreadsheet.

  • Exploring more feature with Add-ons:

Google Sheets provide a lot of other features along with these options like you can sync your Google Sheets with analytics account. There are so many free add-ons like animations, math, power tools, and maps.

google-sheet-visualisation-7These features can be found according to your need from the search options in Add-on section. Just tap on the ‘Get add-ons’ buttons and move on to your preferred category and choose from the tons of add-ons.


There are still a lot of more things that you can do with Google Spreadsheets. All the above tricks and methods may help you understand the ease of using Google Spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are not just for accountants because they can do much more than math. They are similar to Wireframes and Sitemaps and contains so much information in them. So a spreadsheet must be designed beautifully with the use of some high-quality stuff like graphs, charts, and visuals. You can explore the world of Google sheet by using more add-ons in the reports and can make them awesome.

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