Certifications and Awards

Google Partners : 6 Advantages why to work with Google Partners

  1. Google Certified Account Manager and Analyst
  2. Knows In's and Out's of Google Adwords
  3. Google always insures profitability
  4. Never let you wait in line
  5. Video Advertising on YouTube
  6. Innovation and Testing

Fact : Companies those doesn't fit into Google Standards for Partners can have their badge removed even before they can reach out to a client.

Don't Be blind trust on Data : 7 Benefits of working with Google Analytics Professionals

  1. Get's you real insight of your visitors
  2. Helps you understand the marketing competition
  3. Sets remarketing based on your previous visitors
  4. Generates comprehensive analytics report
  5. Implements and understands the audience segments
  6. Tested By Google on Various Parameters
  7. Understands the Goals

Analytics Fact : Over 30 million websites worldwide uses google analytics, But it is itself not better than its implementation.

For Those who Don't know Bing Ads Facts

  1. Microsoft collectively (with Yahoo) celebrating their 23% of growth in ad revenue since last year
  2. 30% of internet users uses bing for their search
  3. Bing has less competitive and cheaper CPC (click per cost)
  4. A Better device targeting for your ads
  5. A Better social media extension such a twitter
  6. A Better control over demographics you are targeting

Bing Ads has a lot of advantages for small and medium business that adwords doesn’t offer  so far. If you’re looking to take your Bing Ads account to the next step, Allow us to help you for highlighting fast and easy ways to reduce wasted money and attract more, high quality traffic. Request a Free Account Analysis Today

HubSpot a Tool for Bloggers for converting readers into leads :)

  1. Which 3 Blogging modules with will be able to convert most of your traffic
  2. Effective blogging solution
  3. All in one platform for Inbound Marketers
  4. Get Advice on Keywords and SEO
  5. Insight of PPC historical data
  6. Full competitor analysis

Facts : On an average inbound marketing costs 61% than other marketing tactics. Let's start Optimising your website for inbound leads. Contact us now for a detailed study of your current marketing strategy.